Spring 2018 Projects:

Dot & Dash to the Rescue – Dash & Dot are programmable computer-based robots that will be used to introduce basic programming and cause and effect to 6th-8th grade Copeland Middle School students in the Autism & MD program.

Augmented Reality iPad/Flash Cards -  The Augmented Reality Cads and iPad will be used as a daily center for kindergarten students at KDM to reinforce and help students retain letters, sounds, numbers, and colors.

NAO Robot - RTEF has provided the funding for a NAO robot and professional development for the Tech Ed teachers to help implement a comprehensive coding/robotics program in the Tech Ed curriculum in the elementary schools.  The software used to code the robot will be downloaded onto computers in all schools.  The robot will be rotated among the schools so that students can test their coding during Tech Ed classes.  The robot simulates many human functions; it can walk, talk, and grasp objects.  Coding is an essential skill that today’s kids will need for the future job market.  It also helps develop other skills, including team work, creativity, and problem solving.  It helps kids learn to think, and to communicate their thoughts, in a structured and logical way. 

Fall 2017 Project:

READ TO A DOG - Copeland Middle School - 6th grade LLD Language Arts students will be visited once per month by a therapy dog, and will be given the opportunity to read aloud to the dog.  The objective of the program is to improve and ease the students’ oral reading skills.​

​Spring 2017 Projects:

VERMICOMPOSTING WITH WORMS – Stony Brook Elementary School - Students will learn about healthy snacks as they feed worms scraps from healthy snacks and watch them “work their magic” making compost dirt.  The compost dirt will be added to courtyard planting boxes.  The project will teach students how even small creatures can benefit our planet.    

CRAZY FOR CODING – C.A. Dwyer Elementary School - This project will introduce coding to Kindergarten students.  The students will use the bee-bots to program simple commands and will use them for many different lessons, such as to make the lifecycle of a frog in the correct order.  Osmo coding will allow students to make video games. Through this project, the students will also develop critical thinking, collaboration, and strong listening skills.


As a non-profit corporation, we work to enhance our public schools through private resources.  We raise money through fundraising events and through donations from local businesses, corporations, and individuals. We provide teachers with the resources to try new ideas, expand the classroom beyond four walls, and create truly unique experiences for the students. 

We disperse the money through our Innovative Education Project Fund process.  When a teacher has an idea for a new project, s/he completes our application form to request funding for the materials, equipment, programs, etc., that s/he needs for the project, and then submits it to his/her principal.  If the Principal approves the project it moves on to be reviewed by the Director of Curriculum, Director of Technology (if IT related), and the Superintendent.  We ask for these reviews to ensure that the project is supportable, that it aligns with the curriculum, if it's IT related, that it works with current systems, etc.  These funds provide "extras" beyond what can be funded by the school district's budget. 


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RTEF provided over $3,000 in funding to the Board of Education on August 10, 2016 for the following projects:T

LIGHTS, CAMERA, CREATION! – Birchwood Elementary School, a third grade class will use an iPad to create innovative films through collaborative work.  Students will use critical thinking skills to collaborate, create, and problem solve various multi-media projects.  RTEF is funding one iPad for this project.

 DIGITAL CAMERAS – Copeland Middle School, students in the Yearbook Club will use digital cameras to take photos of various student activities.  They will then use these photos with software to create the school yearbook.  RTEF is funding 2 digital cameras for this project.

BARK FOR BOOKS – C. A. Dwyer Elementary School.  This project aims to build confident kindergarten readers by allowing them to read to a therapy dog. RTEF is funding a visit from a therapy dog and books for this project.

BUILD IT, GROW IT, STUDY IT, EAT IT! – Copeland Middle School.  Special Education students will plan, build, plant, and harvest a fruit and vegetable garden.  RTEF is funding the supplies and plants for this project.

TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY – Birchwood Elementary School.  A first grade class will use iPads and various educational apps to incorporate digital age skills into all subject areas.  RTEF is funding two iPads for this project.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING – Stony Brook Elementary School.  Fifth grade students will use RPG Maker game engine to create their own video game.  This project will allow students to create more complex computer programming than is currently available in the district.  The RTEF is funding the RPG Maker game engine licenses.

STEM INTO ACTION – C. A. Dwyer Elementary School.  Third grade students will be using the Engineering Design Process and incorporating other skills while solving the Squeaky Clean Magnet Challenge.  RTEF is funding the materials for this project.  

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